• Stonebridge International has a track record of direct investment into property in the United Kingdom since 2008 and has recently expanded its interests into Europe, the US and Australia.
  • Stonebridge International takes a long-term view on its property investments, but continually re-assesses its position and opportunities considering market changes and cyclical movements.
  • The Stonebridge International investment philosophy is to partner with like-minded entrepreneurs to establish private partnerships in property to complement our own experience and skills.
  • Stonebridge International understands that good relationships are a vital contributor to any successful business venture and has relationships across the globe which help to drive value from its property investments, for Stonebridge International itself and for Stonebridge International’s partners.
  • Stonebridge International understands it is important for its partners to have direct line of sight to the property they own, to be able to ‘touch and feel it’.
  • Stonebridge International makes this happen for its partners by assisting with the following:
    • identifying and assessing opportunities;
    • bringing the funding partners together;
    • arranging (non-recourse) senior and / or mezzanine debt;
    • implementing the purchase transaction and managing the transaction through the full investment life cycle;
    • regular reporting and feedback;
    • managing the relationships intrinsic to the transaction.

Stonebridge International does not offer a retail investment service, nor does it provide professional advice. Stonebridge International assists its partners to make direct property investments in first world markets, providing cradle to grave asset management and support.

  • Stonebridge International is not a financial advisory institution or company.
  • Stonebridge International is not a deposit-taking institution.
  • Stonebridge International is not a collective investment scheme.
  • Participation is not open to the general public and is on an invitation only basis.
  • Stonebridge International is not an investment advisor.
  • Stonebridge International facilitates direct property holdings, individually or in partnership with Stonebridge International.
  • Investors should take independent advice.


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